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We have over 6 years experience in product sourcing and procurement within China’s industries. We’ll find exactly what you want and help you buy securely.

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We undertake product inspection to check conformity with quality standards. Our team examines each product carefully and fix issues instantaneously.

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Prep and Packaging

We are your best FBA partner in China to help you ensure your products are prepared and packaged  in accordance with Amazon FBA standards.

Arrange your FBA-compliant outbound shipment from China


We ship your goods from China to your address or direct to Amazon warehouse. We support shipping via air express, air freight, and sea freight. Shipping Estimate

FBA Inspection, Prep & Sourcing

Focus on your business and let us work in your business. Your success is our success!



We offer professional service in ensuring your products comply with Amazon’s standards. We undertake inspection, apply product labels, package your goods with poly bags, shrink wraps, etc. We offer customizable solutions to meet the varying requirements of Amazon FBA in preparing and packaging your products, as well as in shipping them for FBA.


Buying Service

Gain competitive advantage and buy from the world’s largest export country. Our vast knowledge, experience, and network with China’s industries can definitely benefit merchants like yourself in importing products from high quality suppliers in China. We offer buying service package which includes FBA inspection, prep & sourcing, storage, consolidation, and shipping.


Shipping Solutions

We offer shipping solutions to help you deliver your goods across continents: express, air freight, and sea freight. Air freight and air express are the viable choice if you need to get your stock level up in less time. While sea freight is ideal for cost considerations but it takes longer time for your goods to arrive. We ship your goods from China to your address or direct to your Amazon warehouse.


Factory Audit

With the massive number of chinese companies who’ll say anything just to get your business, it’s a prerequisite to visit and check the Factory in China. However, that may cost you a lot of time and money. We help you save and audit the factory in China. We will inspect products and facilities, observe production, check license and certifications, and verify quality system.


Factory Sourcing

Finding a good manufacturer in China is a challenge amidst the plethora of suppliers producing less-than-par products, and the proliferation of scams. Basic criteria should include price, quality, capacity, and lead-time. But it’s also essential to verify legal existence, licensing, certifications, etc. We are experts in the field in helping you find the most trusted factories in China!


Product Sample

Obtaining product sample is an important part in selecting your suppliers in China. It generally gives you an idea of what to expect from the product in terms of form and quality, and most importantly the overall capability of the manufacturer. We help you procure product samples, consolidate all of them into single shipment so you can save more in shipping!


Custom Product

Our team works closely with your manufacturer to ensure that final product conforms to your specifications and meets your quality expectations. We can also help you obtain factory sample so you can check it and specify modifications before actual production of your goods. We’re here to help you achieve total success in your special order. 


Product Audit

We provide an independent assessment of the product based on quality standards agreed upon by you and your manufacturer. In this manner you can ensure that certain requirements and standards are properly met by your manufacturer. We will check and test the product thoroughly, the result is embodied in a report with actual product photo/video.


Customer Support

We are composed of highly professional and service-oriented team committed in serving you. We always look for ways to improve our service and offer you only the best experience with us. Our customer service team is available round the clock to support you. We are just here for you whenever you need help. Your success is ultimately our success.